Car maker launches e-van cover

Car maker Mercedes Benz has launched its own insurance coverage specifically for electric vans.

The firm’s banking operation has teamed up with insurance partner, R+V/KRAVAG, to offer a range of insurance policies especially for electric powered vans as it drives sustainability.

Mercedes-Benz Bank said policyholders will benefit from modules that have been specially adapted to the requirements and characteristics of electric vehicles.

The full coverage insurance, for example includes cover for inductive charging plates, charging cables and wallboxes, disposal costs for the battery, and replacement value cover for the vehicle and the battery. In addition, the cover also includes modules from the classic van insurance such as coverage of brake damage, breakdowns, and breakages as well as superstructure and is neither restricted in terms of mileage nor to a specific group of drivers.

“With the eVan insurance we are offering our customers a powerful argument to decide on an electric vehicle. In this way we are meeting our objective of making customers’ transition to electric mobility easier with tailored products and pushing the sales of hybrid and electric vehicles from the Daimler Group,” says Benedikt Schell, CEO, Mercedes-Benz Bank.

The eVan insurance is available currently for eSprinter and eVito models and will also be available for the EQV (combined power consumption: 26.4-26.3 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km) in the future. It is available to both private and business customers and can be purchased either independently when a vehicle is purchased or in combination with a leasing or financing agreement.

Customers can purchase the insurance directly from their Mercedes-Benz dealer. A 15 percent discount is applied when the eVan insurance is issued. Policyholders can obtain the discount until the end of June 2021.

In addition to the eVan insurance, Mercedes-Benz Bank, said it is working together with Daimler Mobility, to offer further incentives to make customers’ transition to local emission free mobility easier.

The motor insurance for electric and plug-in-hybrid cars, automatically includes the electrical protection module, which also incorporates specific additional coverage for electric vehicles.