City at standstill as climate protests resume

The London market was the centre of a new climate demonstration yesterday as Insulate Britain brought two of the City’s roads to a standstill.

The protestors, which have been blocking major roads across the south east for the past four months to urge the UK to undertake a systemic programme of insulating the country’s properties, blocked Bishopsgate and Upper Thames Street.

This is the fourteenth time that Insulate Britain has caused disruption on motorways and A roads as part of its campaign over the past six weeks.

Liam Norton from Insulate Britain said: “We know that the public is frustrated and annoyed at the disruption we have caused. They should know that one way or another this country will have to stop emitting carbon. We can do that now in an orderly, planned way, insulating homes and preventing thousands of deaths from fuel poverty or we can wait until millions have lost their homes and are fighting for water or starving to death.

“This treasonous government has betrayed the public. It is actively following a path that will lead to the death of millions – that’s genocide. If you know this and are not joining nonviolent civil resistance then you are complicit. We can’t be bystanders. Short term disruption or genocide – that’s your choice.”

The group said in a statement that last week the government published their Heat and Buildings Strategy, Net Zero Strategy and the Cost of Net Zero report.

It added the Heat and Buildings Strategy is not adequate to decarbonise our homes, it has revealed the cowardice of the government. At £3.9 billion, the amount of funding provided for 2022- 2025 is a fraction of the £27 billion planned spend on roads.  The £450 million allocated to grants for heat pumps will help just 90,000 households over the next three years – compared with the 900,000 a year needed every year by 2028 according to the Climate Change Committee.

“The government’s £1.75 billion funding for insulating social housing and the homes of those on low income will achieve only around 4% of what the Climate Change Committee recommends we should achieve by 2035 and breaks a key manifesto pledge made by the Conservative Party in 2019 to provide £6.3 billion of energy efficiency funding for low income families. The UK government has signed a death sentence against its own people,” it added.

Tracey Mallaghan from Insulate Britain said: “I am gutted that we’ve had to return to the roads and irritate people. I am irritated too. I am a single mum and I don’t have time to read climate science and parliamentary reports, but I’ve read the Chatham House report and it’s terrifying. Everyone should read it and ask why their government isn’t taking the action necessary to defend our country from the climate crisis.

“I understand, more than most, that money is tight and many people are struggling and stressed beyond belief. It’s hard to see the bigger picture when you are anxious about putting food on the table but stop and think for a moment. The people on the road are not your enemy, they are not the ones that have betrayed you.”

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