Climate group to enhance research efforts

One of the world’s oldest climate change organisations is to restructure as it looks to enhance the delivery of its research.

The World Climate Research Programme (WCRP) said the aim was to build on its “40 years of successful fundamental climate research to face an era where there is an urgent need for solutions to climate challenges in order to address the impacts of climate change on society and all life on Earth”.

WCRP’s Joint Scientific Committee made the decision to create a new programme structure to support the implementation of the WCRP Strategic Plan 2019 – 2028, which addresses the climate research priorities of the next decade and beyond.

“The plan was specifically designed with the recognition that many of the challenges that we will face in the future can only be solved in partnership with other programs, each bringing in its own expertise and value,” it added.

“The new WCRP will have many new faces and facets. It will be more transparent and will have a simpler structure. It will experience enhanced communication and coordination and will build on strong interactions with partners to address the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” said Detlef Stammer and Helen Cleugh, the chair and vice-chair of the 19-member Joint Scientific Committee. “From the feedback that we have received, we know that WCRP’s new structure and its science priorities resonate with both scientific communities and funding agencies.”

WCRP said it had built up a deep insight into the functioning of the physical climate system, through decades of international collaboration between thousands of experts across many disciplines. Building on this reputation, fundamental research will remain at the forefront of WCRP’s efforts. However, it will be combined with the need to develop climate information for decision-makers on a local to regional scale.

“WCRP and Future Earth have taken a first step towards working together in a much more strategic way,” it added. “The Future Earth and WCRP Joint statement describes how the organisations will collaborate on joint activities and products, and outlines plans of how to increase their combined global impact. This will include collaboration between the WCRP Core Activities and the Global Research Projects of Future Earth, as well as in the development of five new ambitious WCRP Lighthouse Activities.”