IGI Shares go Live

Shares in International General Insurance Holdings (IGI) began trading yesterday on the Nasdaq Capital Market following consummation of the business combination with Tiberius Acquisition Corporation (Tiberius).

IGI Chairman and CEO Wasef Jabsheh (pic) said, “Today is a defining and very exciting moment for IGI. I am very proud to list on Nasdaq as a scaled, well-capitalized specialty commercial insurer positioned to prudently grow and compound tangible book value. This milestone is indicative of the successful track record that IGI has built over its 18-year history. Formed in late 2001, with operations beginning in 2002, we have become a truly international company with a global platform and infrastructure writing business in over 200 countries and territories. And we have demonstrated our ability to successfully navigate challenging insurance and reinsurance cycles by generating tremendous value for our shareholders and opportunities for our people.”

“This public listing in the United States, the increased shareholder diversification created through our business combination with Tiberius, and a strong majority-independent Board of Directors, will continue to benefit all of our stakeholders and create opportunities to generate the capital necessary for future growth,” Mr. Jabsheh said.