Insurers Demanding Digital Skillset From Staff

Employers in the insurance market are increasingly demanding digital skills from their staff new research has found.

The Knowledge Academy analysed the latest findings from, who analysed over 8 million job adverts, to discover the UK industries which most and least require job applicants to have specific digital skills.

The firm also also surveyed 562 UK employees to discover the main barriers preventing them from developing their existing digital skills as well as learning new digital skills.

It found 66% of roles in finance and insurance desire certain digital competencies from prospective candidates

The figure is just behind role in the information and communications sector (79%) which is seen as the area which requires the greatest number of applicants to have specific digital skills.

While applicants are increasingly recognising the need for enhanced digital capabilities a ‘lack of time’ (72%) is cited as the biggest barrier to a majority of individuals learning/developing digital skills that can significantly improve their career prospects

Joseph Scott, a spokesperson from the said: “It’s that time of the year where individuals are contemplating their careers and wondering if their job is giving them enough fulfilment. Those who conclude that they are unhappy in their current position, will undoubtedly search for new opportunities. Given that most industries have now been revolutionised by technology, companies need employees who can comfortably use different digital tools, programmes and software to drive business performance as well as achieve set objectives. Those entering the job market need to be aware of this, as this research clearly shows that certain industries are more demanding of particular digital skills than others”.