IRM issues guidance for charities on embedding emerging risk management

The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) has issued a series of guides to help charities manage risks.

This practical report on embedding risk along with the getting started leaflet, and a suite of guidance is aimed at arming charities with the tools to develop and refine the process – which then becomes a regular and repeatable part of the normal business cycle and processes, rather than a one-time (or very occasional and infrequent) exercise, according to the IRM.

Alyson Pepperill CFIRM of Gallagher Insurance, and chair of the IRM Charities SIG, commented:

“People often view risk management as a complex discipline – but we beg to differ and have published a series of practical guides to help charities manage risk.

This latest publication is the third of three on emerging risk management and is designed to help charities identify, tackle and embed emerging risk management within an organisation’s risk management process or other relevant organisational processes, such as strategic planning.

With a little structure risk management can be embedded into an organisation to help it achieve objectives, support successful strategic planning and reassure people at all levels within and outside the organisation that uncertainty and risk are being considered and managed appropriately, including emerging risks”.

According to the IRM, the political, economic, sociological, technological, legal and environmental context in which we live and do business is fast-moving. This creates an ever-changing risk environment for organisations, with a fluid set of emerging risks and opportunities. It is therefore very important to consider emerging risks to keep pace with the evolving risk context.

Any charities looking for further risk management guidance can access a series of free documents here:

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