UK Burglaries Leap as Insurer Calls for Action

As the number of burglaries in the UK rose by 7% last year an insurance company CEO said more could and should be done to protect people’s homes.

Figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) found there were 687,000 incidents that took place during 2018/2019, an increase of 7% on the previous 12 months.

Insurance provider buzzvault analysed the figures and found six in ten (58%) victims of burglary were home when the incident took place.

A study of the data from the Crime Survey for England and Wales found that of those who were in the property, 26% were aware that the incident was taking place and actually saw the offender(s). A similar number (25%) were home but unaware the incident was taking place, and 7% were home, aware of the break-in, but didn’t see anyone.

Of those who were home when the incident occurred, two in five burglaries happened in broad daylight, with 39% occurring in the morning or afternoon.

Of those who fell victim to the crime 40% said they had experienced force, violent and threatening behaviour. Buzzvault said such an experience can leave some victims with longer lasting effects. More than one in ten (11%) said the incident left them suffering with depression, while a quarter (26%) have experienced anxiety or panic attacks and just under a third (29%) had difficulty sleeping after the event.

Becky Downing, (pic) CEO and founder of buzzvault: “No one should have to experience the trauma of having their property burgled but being home during the incident can make you feel even more vulnerable. While the financial impact alone is stressful, the added emotional strain can make what is already a tough time incredibly traumatic.

“Protecting our homes and belongings is vital, and there are several steps you can take to reduce the risk of being a target for thieves. Installing security measures, locking windows and doors and keeping valuables out of sight can help to deter criminals. Most of all, make sure your home and contents is covered, so that you’re financially protected should the worst happen.”